S-TEC Tactical Knives & Folding Knives

S-TEC Tactical Knives and Folding Knives are designed with one goal; efficiency! Each and every model of our tactical knives are designed to be functional with either plastic or kydex sheath to allow the user maximum efficiency when carrying on the field of duty or personal defense.


Model: TS005 & TS005N 
S-TEC TS005 Karambit Quick Deploy Sheath Folding Knife
Model: T226141 Cleaver Karambit
T226141 (1).jpg
Model: T272041 Folding Karambit
T272041 (1).jpg

Tactical Fixed Blades with Kydex Sheath                         

Model: T226142 Mini Cleaver
T226142 (1).jpg
Model: T226143 Mini Hawk
T226143 (1).jpg
Model: T226145 Mini Tec
T226145 (1).jpg

S-TEC Tactical Knife with ABS Paddle Holster

Design to be functional and affordable. The S-TEC tactical knives with ABS paddle holster offers the best of both world. 

Model: T25139 & BK     (9" Tactical Skinning Blade)
T25139 (1).jpg
Model: T25141 & BK      (9" Tactical Skinning Blade)
T25141 (1).jpg

TS200 series Tactical Throwing Knives                            

Functional no hassle design. The TS200 series Tacitcal Throwing knives are simple and yet can be used for multiple purpose. Each knife comes with a ABS sheath that can be hanged or strapped according to user preference. Finger loop for easy grab and pull action out of the sheath. The knife itself can also function as a make-shift spear head for outdoor camping and survival.