S-TEC Folding Wrench Gen-2 XL

TS100 XL series (24" of massive adjustable wrench when unfolded)

While we had an idea for the second generation wrench EDC folding knife our development team decided to have some fun and created the special edition truly one of a kind giant; wrench knife that is. Featuring a massive 8" blade and a 15.75" handle with adjustable wrench on the end. A conversation piece? sure. A functional tool? yup. A heavy piece of metal and fun? Most definitely!!

T271287 series


Overall Length: 24"

Blade Length: 8"

Handle Length: 15.75"

Blade Thickness: 6mm

Blade Material: 3CR13 Stainless Steel

Handle Material: 440 Stainless Steel

Opening Mechanism: Manual

Lock Mechanism: Liner Lock

Adjustable Wrench

MSRP: $189.99

Additonal Information:


TS100BK-XL : 849904036841

TS100RD-XL : 849904055385

TS100SL-XL  : 849904038272